What to look for in a business website

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Responsive Website

We now live in the “mobile first” world. This means your site needs to be optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Being mobile friendly means you are providing a good experience for your site visitors as your website is easily viewable on a mobile device,  search engines like to see this. 

Domain name

Consider what your domain name/web address will be. Ideally choose your company name because when someone searches for your company they should find you as it will be a direct match in search.

Website Structure

Structure your site in a way that is easy to navigate. Remove any bottlenecks and ensure that your site is structured in a way that clear to visitors. Make sure that your site is pointing to the intended outcome you want it to achieve such as a purchase or an enquiry. 

Secure Websites

Get a green padlock in your customers’ internet browsers. SSL Certification makes a secure connection between your site and your customers, this can provide reassurance and demonstrate professionalism as you have taken this extra step. Search engines and web browsers now favour this.

Web hosting

Use reliable web hosting and meet data protection regulations. There are lots of web hosting options out there, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Your business needs reassurance on the amount of time your website will be online. Also consider that you may down the line want to move your site and how easy it will be for you to do this and will there be any charges to do so.

Website Platform

Your website can be built on content management systems such as WordPress. Or you can use bespoke website builders. Consider each option and whether your or someone else will be developing and maintaining your site. Also consider how each platform will help you rank in search results. We will be providing an article on SEO in the next week so keep an eye out!

Data Protection

Consider where you host your site. Choose to host it inside or outside the EU and make the appropriate considerations to comply with data protection law. Remember their rules regarding transferring data outside of the EU so this has to be considered. Create a privacy policy and cookie policy along with a cookie consent pop up.

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