Understanding your customer journey

The first thing we do or should do in marketing is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. By doing this, you can consider where your customers are, how they find you and how they engage with you. This is also known as the customer journey. The customer journey outlines the key milestones your customer has to pass through to engage with you.


The customer is the starting point


You can use this exercise to audit your marketing activities. Establish if you need to make any changes to improve this journey. Start with your customer, understand what it is that they are looking for and where their attention is. Separate the components of your business in a way that is clear to understand.


Get Strategic

Decide what it is you are promoting, this could be multiple products or one service. Understand what action the customer needs to take once you have their attention. This could be purchasing through your website or making an enquiry. Now you understand that, establish where their attention is and direct all marketing back in to the place where they need to be in order to take action.


Seek Attention

Market your business across the range of platforms that have your customer’s attention. If your marketing on social media make sure the copy is accompanied strong creative and ensure your call to action tells your customer where to go next and what they need to do. Remember it isn’t about only doing digital marketing, make sure you get in front of your “unplugged” customers if they don’t use social media.


Customer service

Once you have spent all this time and potentially money to make sure you get your inbound customers. Greet them with high standards of customer service. For a website make sure your website landing pages are optimised. For a shop make sure they receive a warm welcome and likewise for an email enquiry.


Customer Reviews

The biggest downfall a business can make is the post-sale environment. After a purchase has been made it is a great opportunity to provide follow up services or request a review. Reviews are great for showcasing your business for future customers. Reviews can provide reassurance and help future customers engage with your business. Many people often say they may receive a bad review when asking customer to leave a review. Providing you have considered your customers at every stage and treated them with respect and professionalism this should be kept to a minimal. Equally if you do receive a negative review maybe it is worth reviewing your customer journey to make sure you are managing their expectations fairly.


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