Effective marketing to your customers

Who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of ticking the boxes and clearing up a cluttered inbox? Sanitising it from a flurry of pointless emails. 

Don’t get me wrong, an email on bulk buying toilet roll at a discount price is all and well. I use toilet roll, and I like to save money. But is it going to enrich my day and have me thinking about it over my spaghetti bolognese at dinner? Probably not. It serves a purpose and it might even get some sales rolling in, but we are not talking about sales pitches.

Keep it Relevant

We are talking about relevant marketing. Marketing that is so beautifully tailored to the audience it descends on, that there is no confusion as to why that audience would want to keep on reading. 

So with a blank page and an honest heart. Give something that is not only relevant… but genuine. Make is useful; in fact, make it essential. 

The time has come to up your game. Embrace your audience.  The audience you are investing all that time in. The audience you are so desperately hoping will invest their time in you.

Add Value

When directing your marketing content, you really need to have a lucid understanding of what your target audience wants. Don’t waste their time or yours.

There is a lot to be said for being humble. Whatever you are trying to promote, your marketing strategy needs to be landscaped around it, delicately incorporating related ideas and points of interest. 

It is however, easy to go on and on, accidentally delving into the less meaningful and obscuring the lines of what is relevant. And, on that note, embracing the title of this post, is where we will finish. For now.