Social Media in a time of social distancing

Social media has never been more important given the current climate with Covid-19. Social distancing has required us to be physically distant from our nearest and dearest and in the world of business our customers and stakeholders. So how to you promote you organisation or amplify the message you want to share?

This is where digital media comes in.

The reason why I say digital media is because there is more to it than just social media. Social media maybe the channel or mechanism we use to spread our message, but in order to be effective you need to grab that attention. How can you do this I hear you say? Media.

Impactful Media

The term media encapsulates the word communication. You can communicate a message through word, pictures and videos. It also captures the different media channels you can use. It is up to you on how you combine the different forms of media to convey your message.

The punchline? Combine word, pictures and videos that are professional and up to the task and then put them out into the world where they need to be. By doing this you can bring your audience closer online, whilst remaining physically distant in the current climate.

This is where we come in. If you need to showcase something – a building, product, people or food we can help you do just that. Creating professional media is what we do. We take the time to understand your organisation and customers. Want some impactful imagery to showcase your “widget” online? That’s us. Showcase a space with a video? That’s us too. Want us to take this professional media and communicate it to the world? Also us.

We want to support businesses during this difficult time and we can do this through our services. In reality social media, and more broadly speaking media can be used to bring us nearer to our customers. Running an organisation or business is a challenge in itself and now we need to do this at a distance to one and other. Our media can help bring you back together with your customers online.

If you want more information feel free to contact us!