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Social media marketing is a great way to tell your story and spread your message. Social media is all around us much of the time, with so many different apps, platforms and services all trying to get peoples attention. It is therefore important to stand out from the crowd and provide content that grabs peoples attention. We are here to do just that. Hubspoke Marketing combines the creative and the marketing, resulting in the production of high quality media. We provide our social media services nationally and support organisations with engagement.


We take the time to understand our client's business and customers ensuring that our content is fit for purpose and most importantly relevant. We have a range of social media packages available to match a range of budgets. We also have blog writing, website support* and photography and videography services available. (*website support for our existing website customers.)


This is where we start your social media marketing journey. It involves understanding your values, your goals and your vision. We will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business, who you are trying to reach and ultimately, what you want to achieve.

We then commit ourselves to the careful planning of all your social media needs. This includes the selection of appropriate platforms, the type of content and information required, and a well thought out schedule of times.


This is where the fun really begins! Careful consideration and planning from the beginning allows the creation of bespoke content for your social media. The aim is to produce content tailored to your audience, that tells your story in a relevant and purposeful way. We can be serious, we can be funny, we can be thought provoking- whatever the requirements, we create engagement for your business which affords you the opportunity to grow.

Not only do we create written content in the form of posts, blogs, press releases etc but we can use video and photography alongside this to really showcase your work. These tools are invaluable in reaching high numbers of your audience in all corners of the social media world.


We can deliver all your social media. Scheduling is so important and we will ensure that your social media is right on time with maximum impact. We ensure fluidity and consistency with your messages. We are reactive to responses from your audience and because we understand the ever changing world of media we will adapt our approaches when needed.


Using the latest in professional equipment, we can produce beautiful images that reflect your business. We can produce stock imagery that is specific to you, in a media pack available to use whenever you need. We can provide pictures of your products, create imagery that reflects your ideas, and capture you and your team with staff head shots, either on location or at our own Hubspoke micro studio (coming 1st march)

We can also provide live event photography, whether it be a large  corporate event or a smaller scale private event. This adds a real edge, especially when teamed with live social media content- it achieves maximum engagement and keeps people in the here and now with your business. Our imagery is designed to grab attention and stand out on social media amongst the ever increasing digital noise out there.


Nothing gives a precise overview that is reflective of your business as quickly or as well as a video. Video allows us to harnesses the key elements of your business that you want your audience to know about. It gives a real creative edge to any business or event, especially when shared across social media platforms.

Both video and photography go a long way in making a big impact on your social media marketing. They grab an audience’s attention and interest both quickly and far and wide.

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