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Privacy Policy

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd is committed to preserving the privacy of all customers and website visitors

By engaging in services with Hubspoke Marketing Ltd you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information, including data, under the terms of this policy. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.

Who is the Data controller?

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd is the data controller. Hubspoke Marketing Ltd collects data as outlined in this statement for work served to clients of Hubspoke Marketing Ltd to deliver goods and services direct to clients.

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd can be commissioned to work on behalf of its clients Client(s) and therefore there will be times when the Client is the data controller and Hubspoke Marketing Ltd will act as a data processor working to instruction on behalf of the client.

Who are the Data Processors?

When Hubspoke Marketing Ltd is commissioned to work on behalf of the clients, Hubspoke Marketing will be the data processor working in agreement with their clients. Hubspoke Marketing will work in accordance with this privacy policy.

What Personal Data do we Collect?

We collect the following personal data directly:


Email Address

Place of work such

Address details

Phone numbers

Staff information

Password information for accounts



We collect the following personal data to tailor and measure our service through the use of monitoring using tools such as Google Analytics:

  • IP Address
  • User Behaviour
  • Visitor time
  • Device
  • Operating system
  • User Acquisition
  • User Referrals


Additional Personal Data we may indirectly through our clients:

Clients may pass data in order for us to carry out services on their behalf.

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Staff names
  • Job Roles
  • Email Addresses
  • Post code data
  • Images
  • Video
  • Social media account information/engagements
  • Email address
  • Documentation featuring the above personal details


For What Purposes are Personal Data Being Process and What is the Legal Basis for this?

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd collects and stores data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation. All personal information will be stored securely and will not be shared, sold or rented to any other organisations or individuals without your permission unless required to do so by law enforcement agencies.

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd will process data on to forms of legal basis consisting of Contracted legal basis for work undertaken for clients they work for and Consent for additional marketing and communications.

You can opt in to be contacted with additional marketing and communications and you can unsubscribe from these additional communications at any time by contacting emailing or using the unsubscribe functionality if available.


All of the above information will be held securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. You can request for any information we hold in relation to yourself by contacting


Who is the Personal Data going to be shared with?

The personal data will only be used for internal purposes for Hubspoke Marketing Ltd to undertake work for our clients. Whilst we don’t share personal data for use by other parties without your expressed permission we do use 3rd party providers to store and process data for the delivery of our services.

Website Hosting

Our website Hosting services are Hosted with Heart Internet – a UK based hosting provider, we will use Heart Internet to deliver our web services on your behalf. Registration of Domain names with the WHOIS database as is a requirement to hold a domain name.

Delivery of Goods

Personal data such as name and address maybe passed on to third party suppliers for purposes such as delivery of goods and resources.

Book Keeping Software

We use book keeping software call QuickFile Personal Data will be shared in order for us to deliver our services. This includes creation of Estimates, Invoices with automated email from our Hubspoke Marketing Ltd Mail Servers for delivery of invoices. This system holds name, company name, address, phone number and any other contact information you may provide us. This system also monitors payments of invoices.

Adobe Creative Cloud Application and Software

We use Adobe Creative Cloud to deliver our goods and services, using software packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro. This allows use to create, edit and package our media for use in our services such as photo, video and design and print.

Google Drive

We use this to ensure data continuity and have an online backup of our data.


Will my data be transferred out of the EU and if so will it be safe?

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd webservers are hosted in the UK. QuickFile Ltd are a UK based company with EU data compliance and full details of their privacy policy can be found on their website at: Google and Adobe Cloud services are compliant with the EU-US and US-Swiss Privacy Shield Frameworks.

How long is my data going to be held?

Personal data will only be held for as long as necessary for us to be able to deliver our goods and services. Data on concluded projects will be held for 2 years. We will hold financial, customer and other company information that will be required and review our business and report on finances to bodies such as HMRC and Companies House for a minimum of 6 years.

Will I be subject to automatic decision making?

Hubspoke Marketing Ltd does not use currently use automated decision making. If this changes the policy will be updated.


What rights do I have in respect of the personal data you hold about me?

You can request a record of all the personal data that Hubspoke Marketing Ltd holds on you. Requests by email to:

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right of access
  3. The right to rectification
  4. The right to erasure
  5. The right to restrict processing
  6. The right to data portability
  7. The right to object
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

What happens if I don’t provide my information? (where personal data is obtained from the individual)

If you do not provide personal data to Hubspoke Marketing Ltd, Hubspoke Marketing Ltd may not be able to deliver the requested goods and services.

Who can I complain to if I feel my rights are being violated?

If you are concerned that your rights have been violated, you can complain to Hubspoke Marketing Ltd via email: Or you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office

 I didn’t give you my personal data, so what is the source and what type of personal data are you processing?

Data maybe provided by a client to Hubspoke Marketing Ltd in order for Hubspoke Marketing Ltd to deliver goods and services on behalf of the client. Hubspoke Marketing Ltd may process personal information such as name, contact details image, video. This will be done in accordance with the Client of Hubspoke Marketing Ltd.


In this role Hubspoke Marketing Ltd is the Data Processor processing the information on behalf of the client(s) who is the Data Controller.

Any changes to our privacy and data protection policies in the future will be posted to the online application and, where appropriate, through e-mail notification

Cookie Policy

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Cookies allow websites to remember your preferences, Cookies can be sessional (they only last for the time you are on the website) or persistent (they last for a certain length of time)

The cookies that we use cannot harm your computer in any way or give away any of your personal information. We user cookies to monitor website user behaviour through the use of Google Analytics, including how you found our website, the pages you visit, the time spent on those pages and your interaction with our website. IP Addresses are also collected as part of Google Analytics. Facebook Pixel. We use a Facebook Pixel to monitor site visitors site usage, with Facebook integration this is used to track the flow of traffic from Facebook and visitors interactions with our site. We  may also use this information to tailor our services to site visitors and advertising.

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