Making Marketing Count

Effective marketing to your customers

Making Marketing Count

Author: Adam Walker

Marketing your business or products may feel like it takes too much time and does not yield the results you expect. By focussing on making your marketing work for your customers you will find that you will produce better results.

Start by developing an understanding of your customers. Look at your business through their eyes – i.e. if it is a new customer, is it clear to them what you are offering? When we work so closely to our services or products on a day to day basis we often end up packaging everything together.

Example: The Plumbing Business

So, if we use a plumber as an example. Think of a customer’s point of entry to your business – for example they may need you for one of the following – emergency plumbing, routine maintenance like boiler servicing or renovation/new plumbing services. If you then consider the mind-set your customers are in when they need each of these services. You can then lay out your business offer in a way that is clear to them and speaks to them in a way they want to hear. Emergency plumbing services will highlight a fast response, competitive rates and support with any after sales care that may be needed. Boiler servicing will highlight the benefits of getting a boiler serviced i.e. higher efficiency, lower running costs and extended lifetime of the boiler. Renovation or plumbing installation will demonstrate a high standard of work, what level of customer care is provided and a competitive rate.

So rather than just saying you’re a Plumber, each service is showcased in its own right. This will help the customer find the service they need and promote engagement. Make sure that what you’re saying in your marketing is what you can deliver on in your service.

Once you understand your customers you can begin to unpick their motivations and tailor your marketing to satisfy this demand. All marketing should begin and finish with the customer, from initial engagement to any after sale customer care or services. This approach helps you develop your lifetime value of your customers and encourage repeat business.

My customer is not currently in the market place for my products or services, what do I do now?

If in the case of the plumber example above the customers were not in the market for a plumber. Shouting “BUY THIS” in their faces certainly doesn’t work and could discourage them from purchasing from you in the future. In this instance when the customer is not forth coming. You need to raise awareness and develop your brand (aka reputation). This way the customer may remember you when they are in the market for a plumber.

The plumber could take time to post regular content to social media showcasing their work. They could then follow this activity up by engaging with their clients. Whilst a photograph of a U-Bend is not the most engaging content in the world. The plumber could post photographs of finished bathroom or kitchen suites (providing they have consent do so). This would create emotive content for their customers and allow potential customers to see the standard of their work. This would raise awareness and build a following with more customers.

Running a business takes considerable amount of time especially if you have to spend time “on” and “in” the business. By making sure you allocate some time to carry out marketing on a regular basis. This will allow you to develop your business and start to take it to the next level.


In summary make sure you take time to understand how your customers interpret your business. Lay out your business offer in a way that fits your customers. Use social media to engage, showcase and interact with others. Keep an eye out for our next article called Marketing Funnels – Who, What, Where and Why? This will cover what you should do when creating marketing content and how it should instruct your customers.


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