Question – How effective are paid ads for promoting my business?

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I recently got asked about my opinions on using Google AdWords to promote a business. Google Adwords is Google’s paid advertising product, this type of advertising is also known as Pay Per Click Advertising and are available on a range of search engine providers.

My initial response is always to ask some more questions around context of the business and the customers they are trying to reach. Google advertising is a great way to promote your business but there are some considerations that need to be made when choosing to use pay per click ads such as Adwords.

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising is a service search engine providers off order to show an advert of your choosing. In effect you bid against other adverts to be shown at the top of search results. 

How and when do your customers search for your services or products?

Look at your business through your customers eyes. What do you offer and how would your customer look at your product/service? This helps you understand where you want to be found, if your customers turn to a search engine to find your products and services.

Keyword Research

Now you have established that your customers turn to a search engine, keyword research needs to be undertaken. Consider the search terms your customers would use, make sure you have a mixture of broad and narrow keywords. 

Negative Keywords

When you select your keywords also consider if you have any negative keywords. A negative keyword is a word or a term that you would not want to show up for. So for example if you are promoting healthy eating by providing quick and healthy meals recipes. You may not want to show up when people searching for fast food, or you might if you are trying to support people reaching a healthy lifestyle.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is more restricted in a search engine pay per click ad when compared to paid social media advertising. You can specify the locations where your ad will show and the time at which your ads will remind. Think about your customers and how far you want to travel to you job if you provide a service or trade. Also consider the whether your business offer is seasonal and only show the advert at those times. 

Budget Management and Delivery

Decide what budget you are willing to spend. You can set the daily advertising budget and the duration of the campaign. Set your scheduling to make sure your advertising campaign is spent efficiently. You can set the rate at which your budget is spent each day and you can also decide if you want to manage the cost per click manually by setting the amount you are will to pay.  

Advert Copy

In pay per click advertising you can show an address, a heading and a small description. Think carefully about your text, you promote the fact you are a local business. This may help you stand out for the other adverts.

Advert Destination

Now you have done all the work to get your advert clicked on, you need to make sure your website is ready to receive visitors. Make sure you have clear and relevant information on your website. Ensure that is easy for your customers to get in touch or make a purchase through your website.

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