Getting the most out of your video content!

So. You have your new video, but what should you do with it next?…

First of all, if you think about it, It is so much more than just a video. You now have digital content that tells your story and reflects the qualities and values of your business, ready for all to see. You have some marketing collateral that can be used to promote your business, brand or organisation.  But, you may be wondering how best to share it with others. Here are some useful tips for ways to share your video and ensure audience engagement. 

Post to social media channels 

Perfect for sharing videos and free to use. You do need to be aware of time limits for each individual channel, as they differ in the length of video they will allow to be shared.

Instagram – 60 seconds

Twitter – 2 minutes 20 seconds

Facebook – 240 minutes! – You can also use your video as your Facebook cover, but to do this it needs to be under 90 seconds.

LinkedIn – 10 minutes

The social media channels available to us, lend themselves to many different types of content and video is right up there for reaching your target audience and getting engagement. When you think about what you are trying to achieve; education, promotion, entertainment; professional, well thought out and edited video content can cover it all. Facebook is particularly good when you want to use longer videos, where you want to educate as well as promote. For instance you may want to demonstrate how to use a product or provide an alternative FAQ section by way of a video!

Embed on your website  

This keeps your website fresh and up to date and for anyone that hasn’t yet engaged with your social media channels, a chance to see what you have been up to! It also creates confidence in your work, when customers are able to see a well polished example of what you can offer. We recently had a client who commented that when she saw the videos on our website, she stopped looking, as she knew straight away she would get the content she was looking for from us. Video that is embedded in to your website does a lot of the talking for you and grabs attention instantly. We all want to ‘try before we buy’ and this is as close as it gets! You can (at the time of writing) embed a video from YouTube and Facebook in addition to vimeo and other similar channels.

YouTube Channel 

This is a brilliant platform for reaching a world wide audience and is simple to do. It’s a great way to develop a catalogue of video content, should you wish to add more videos in the future. Vlogging has become a household entity, familiar to most of us and is an ideal way to reach your customers in between commissioned videos, with behind the scenes and your day to day business activities. Again, if your customers are looking for more instructional style videos on how to use your products, then you want them to be directed to YOUR videos on how to use them – giving your content value. Youtube is probably the biggest go to place for these kind of videos- so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

YouTube is also a big search engine, that is operated by the biggest search engine of all – Google. Posting a video on YouTube can mean you turn up not only in YouTube search on the platform but also Google search, for this reason think about your description and titling carefully with search terms considered.

Paid Ads

This allows you to very carefully and specifically select the demographics that best represent your target audience, so that your ad reaches the right places. Even the location can be incredibly specific. Once that is determined you can set a budget, so you will never spend more that you want to. Facebook will then do the rest!

Share with existing customers

If you have a newsletter or email list  (if you don’t it is worth doing!) why not send the link to your current customers and share your latest project with them. An easy and effective way to keep in touch with some fresh content. 

We have heard people say that what they offer isn’t exciting enough to come up with a storyboard for video marketing and in our nicest voice possible, we say nonsense. There is a story to be told behind every product and every business and If it is worth investing your time and money in to, then it is certainly worthy of its own showreel!

Do you want some extra support to share you message?

Team Hubspoke are always on hand to support our client’s. So if you want a bit more support or would like to deliver a campaign, remember to get in touch and we can discuss what would work for you and your business/organisation. Contact us