Effective Communication

There is no escaping the need for communication. Not in this job. There are ways to do it well and ways to do it, shall we say, not so well?

In respect of marketing and how to communicate effectively, it is important to have an understanding of the channels available to do so and how to embed them into your everyday routine so that good communication becomes seamless with the other elements of your well tailored marketing plan.

You’ve created content and you want to share it, tick. And now its time to send it out everywhere and anywhere, with your big branded flag sticking out of the top, screaming “WE ARE HERE- LISTEN TO US’- No.

We don’t want to be obtrusive, but we do need to make sure that our well intended and of course valuable information is heard, and heard clearly. Good communication allows you to trickle information whilst avoiding stirring your audience up into a feeling of forebode and sending them running to the social media desert. 


By this I mean the channels you wish to communicate through. The channels that will lead you right to engagement nirvana. It might be tempting to think this step doesn’t really matter. But it needs to be an educated decision based on where your audience is crowding and not necessarily just the platforms you are most familiar with.


Lover or hater. Social media is here to stay and it is your golden ticket to reaching the masses. There is plenty to choose from between, facebook, twitter, instagram etc and there are countless ways to keep your brand and ideas chugging along nicely. The use of digital media can be a game changer- within seconds you can create an online portfolio of images and videos to be shared and then shared and then shared…you get my point. Social media however is unforgiving. Think carefully about what you post and when you post.

You may run social media (or not) in line with other communication techniques, for example through a website, emails, flyers, articles, blogposts etc. The principals remain the same and require prior thought and research.


There is no point doing all the hard work with content creation and then completely missing the mark when it comes to your timing. If you don’t launch at the right time, your content is going to be missed. Social media is particularly brutal for this where there is a non stop conveyor belt of live posts, and unless your audience happens to be in the crowd waiting to pick off the offerings, you might as well put a message in a bottle. Careful consideration to the prime times your audience will be engaging with social media will ensure those alluring waves of content crash right on time.