Do it Yourself Commercial Photography – “Pictures paint a 1000 words”

This is our favourite image from 2019! This was from the Darlington Food and Drink Festival. From a time you good sit shoulder to should with the public and enjoy some great food!

Imagery is great for showcasing and event. In fact impactful imagery or media for that matter can really help you back a punch in your marketing.

The good news is, you don’t need all the expensive equipment to deliver results either. Modern Smart phones are well equipped to take great images.

Composition is the secret to unlocking a great image. Badly composed images will still look badly composed on the best equipment.

So why do we say this? There is a lot you can do to improve your image composition.

Step 1: Professional imagery is everywhere, we are not saying copy. But we are saying try and understand how the image is setup in a way that is visual appealing. Study study Study

Step 2: Practice, this is a skill that literally gets better with practice. Share your practice shots with friends and family. Test out some ideas.

Step 3: Do – Share your images, put them to work. This step is often the hardest especially when something is new. This is understandable but we all have to start some where!

If you did want something more from your imagery, then get in touch and we can help! Let us know how you get on.