Digital marketing pillars for business.

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Digital marketing pillars – what are they?

Businesses are exciting and varied but there are a number of things that you could be doing online to improve your digital marketing. In this article we are going to look at the some of the Digital Marketing pillars that cover the basics in digital marketing and can help you set the platform for digital marketing. I consider a digital marketing pillar to be a foundation from which the rest of your marketing can be delivered. They are designed to help get you found and encourage business engagement.

Got a Business Website?

A website is great way to set out your digital shop front. A website is there to showcase your products services and company branding. People will look at your site to assess whether they want to “do” business with your organisation. A website is a great place to provide the latest information in one accessible place. I tend to think of a website as a digital leaflet.  Whilst leaflets are a great way to provide information, they can go out of date quickly and can then continue to promote this old information. A website on the other hand is live and provides you with one of the strongest digital marketing pillars as it gives your organisation a “home” in the virtual world and everything can be anchored to your business website. A website gives you more chance of being found online through search.

Google My Business

Now, I am not asking you to Google my Business, but please feel free to do so if you feel the need. Google My Business is a company listing tool for (you guessed it) Google! This is a great tool as it allows you to provide business information about your business and it appears in Google Search. It is simple to follow and easy to set up. Once your up and running people can leave Google reviews for your business and these show up when people look for related businesses. Google My Business is great because you can provide plenty of information about your business and it will potentially show up when people are looking for. Want to know how to set it up? Google it!

Social Media

There are many platforms wanting our attention, think about where your customers are in terms of platform. You don’t need to do them all, but they certainly think about how many you are going use and the different approaches you need for each one. Consider creating a bank of photographs that capture the different elements of your business, so you have a set of imagery to post with your content. Make sure you add your company information to these platforms such as open hours, location, website address, services/products. People will look to find out about what it is that you do so make sure you have the information there to help them out.

Company Email Address

Set up a company email address that links to your website domain name. This gives you a strong position to do business as you correspondence will be from a professional email address and sets the right tone with your customers.

Make time to do the above

Above all else it is important you make time to create your digital pillars. These are important as they can represent your business around the clock. Make sure you allocate time to work on each pillar. Running a business can be hard work and time consuming but make sure you take the time to develop your business online.

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