Collaborative Working

3 years ago I started my journey into the world of business. Whilst I set up my business as a solo venture, I did not anticipate the number of “colleagues” I would be gaining in the years to come.


Day one of the business started at the kitchen table, laptop open and the growing realisation that I have to find customers in order to earn a living. So I quickly realised that hiding away at home was not going to achieve much and I needed to get out into the world and meet people. This is where Business Central comes in.


The Business Central Open space package gave me the opportunity to meet people in a similar position to myself and develop relationships. I learnt very early on that collaboration is what sits of the heart of effective networking. I have never approached networking with a sales focus as I feel the value is found in the relationships. Over the last few years I have developed a network of businesses bursting at the seams with very talented people.


In most recent months collaborative working has been the key to success. At present I am working on a project alongside 4 other businesses, together we are united in delivering some outstanding work.


Why work together?


By working together we are able to:

  • deliver more volume
  • take on bigger projects
  • pool our resources to deliver outstanding quality across the project.


What collaborative working is allowing us to do is to collectively raise the bar and grow our offer.


Working together is fun!

The best thing about collaborative working is building the relationships with others. Work can put relationships under pressure but it can also make them stronger.


I work with some incredibly talented people and the best thing about collaborative working is getting the chance to support others in their work and be relied upon to deliver work in partnership. You certainly can’t beat the feeling when someone comes through for you and their work exceeds the customers expectations.


Credit where credit is due

My approach with collaborative working is making sure credit is given to those doing the work. The credit can of course can be shared on shared projects but it is through strong transparent collaborative working practices the group as a collective benefits and continues deliver outstanding work.


Author: Adam Walker

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